Sunshine’s Crafts, a Sampling

Sunshine is what we call “multi-craftual”. She does all sorts of crafty things. It has been so much fun to spend time knitting and drawing and painting together, it has revived old enthusiasms and created new skills for both of us. 

Recently Sunshine compiled a bit of a list of her recent work…(clicking on the pictures will enlarge them for closer viewing.)

Crafts in the Making

“Hi, it`s Sunshine here.
I just want to make a blog and talk about the fun crafts a 9th grader does in her free time:)
Just to tell all the readers out there, I like to make lists and organize stuff, so I`m going do this blog like a list.
 The first craft I have up here is friendship bracelet that I made for a friend. Though I still haven`t given it to her.
This picture is the third collection to the Faceless Tattoos Series.  The first two are on a earlier blog.  I was still in a gloomy mood, since I was in grade 9 summer school (Don`t worry I didn`t fail) and so I came up with this.. I don`t know what the next supernatural creature will be though.
Over a year ago, I decided to make a sweater for my mom.  Mikey and I went Michael`s, to pick out some nice and warm brown fabric for it.  And now a year later, I`ve barely done half of it.  It`s looking pretty good, eh? I might finish it when I`m about 100 years old.:)
For Halloween, I found this really cool Halloween fabric and sewed it into a cool, trick `o` treat bag.
Now the purple bunny with the deranged head and the mouse pushpin with falling off ears are Textiles projects from school.  You can see that I like purple.
The holey, weird looking scarf is my second knitting project, that I`m almost finished.   I started pretty determined, because I loved how the light blue and orange came together, but I got beaten down when the hole appeared.
And this is my first ever knitting project.  It was supposed to be a scarf, but since the wool is a bit scratchy,I decided to make a coaster-thing out of it.
This flower looking thing is actually a pencil holder.  I took some scrap pieces from the tech. ed room and experimented with it.  It turned out to look like this, which is absolutey fine, since half of my index fingernail was sanded off in process.
Finally, my craft is wood letters that I also made from wood scraps. You can see that I drilled little holes in the corner of the letter, so that when I find some, I willl slip a key ring in.  It will become a keychain.  Each letter represents the first letter of my family or friends names.
I hope you enjoyed this little blog.  Somewhere in the near future I will put up a blog about the two new scarfs I’m knitting.  One of them will be for me and one of them will be for Mikey, (it’s her christmas present, so don’t tell her:))”

4 thoughts on “Sunshine’s Crafts, a Sampling

  1. mikey November 14, 2011 / 4:39 am

    I won’t tell anyone about the scarf for Mikey, oh wait a minute, that’s me! Good thing my memory is soooo bad. So, I think all your projects are great, but that purple bunny is a real character. What’s his/her name? And what about the mouse? Those two look like they could get up to some mischief, don’t you think? Hmmm. Mikey

    • sunshine November 18, 2011 / 4:59 am

      The bunny’s name is Mr. Headless. Since his head is always falling backwards!:)

  2. Grant November 14, 2011 / 4:57 am

    Wow you really are multi-talented. Are you in “special” classes or something? Keep up the good work, I really like the deranged bunny.

  3. Carole November 14, 2011 / 3:22 pm

    I did love the knitting and am absolutely amazed at the number of crafts from Sunshine. A well rounded crafter. Also, the hole in the scarf just adds character.

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