Light and Dark

We have a lot of reminders of the coming darker months: the approach of Halloween and the Festival of Diwali are two examples. Another is the ceremony of the Feeding of the Hungry Ghosts, which we do in our tradition and is a favourite of mine. All three festivals involve large amounts of food offerings, and our explanations of why we do this may differ but really, it’s all pointing to the light, offering compassion to those who have died, and the fact that universally good and light prevail over darkness. That’s as theological as I plan to get. Sunshine is going to talk a bit more about what Diwali means to her in an upcoming post I hope.

Some examples of brightness taken under a grey Vancouver sky.

I found this handwoven fabric in my stash. This was a last minute purchase to use up some rupees before we flew to England, and left India many years ago now. At the time I had no idea what it was, it was nice to look at and just the right price to use up the last of our Indian money. It’s cotton from Assam, and pretty sheer, and not a large amount. I am planning to back it with some silk I was given to create a wall hanging and bring it out into the light from my stash. Our trip to India was life changing in many ways, for better and for worse. This will remind me of our incredible trip and really,  it needs to be used. Languishing in a pile of fabric in a cupboard is no way to be. Someone wove this, that takes time and effort  – it really should be seen and appreciated.

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