Autumn in Vancouver is a Season

When I first moved to the lower mainland from the north a number of people told me I would miss the change of the seasons. There was an idea conveyed that somehow the south of BC missed out on the glory of fall, or the lovely snow that can cover the rest of the province in the winter.  They had a point, but only to a point. Living here means missing the northern lights dancing in minus forty nights. (Try describing that to someone who has not seen them -impossible.) I miss the crisp tang of the fallen leaves from the cottonwoods and trembling aspen, and there is a burnished golden colour associated with fall in the north that I have yet to really see here. The sky is too enclosed by all the mountains, and the light is different. But Vancouver definitely has a change of season. My walk today was just the usual neighbourhood ramble, listening to a podcast to keep my pace from slowing to a stroll, because this is an attempt to have a bit of exercise. The colours are changing here, and the leaves are falling. In a couple of weeks my street will be covered in a layer of crunchy gold, tan and red leaves, some enormous. The cedars are becoming the predominant green and they contrast with the deep yellow of the aspen leaves that seem to glow from the inside out when the sun is on them. There is a cool breeze that necessitates a light sweater and it invigorates. There were a  few folks doing tai chi in the park, and almost every single walker that passed smiled and said hello. Not too far away are the grey days here, and it is good to take advantage and kind of store up the light to remember in the winter rains.

(So the rose isn’t really a fall image, but it was still so pretty despite some of the cool weather we have had. A lot of the flowers in the neighbourhood are finishing up, and browned on the edges, and this little bloom stood out against the fence.)

Spinning and knitting continue, and some holiday presents made, and participation in a craft along on Ravelry for the first time. (Added because this is theoretically a craft blog. Sunshine, how’s it going over there in the craft department?)

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