A couple of finished projects.

This is a skein of my hand spun shetland, purchased locally this summer. My spinning was pretty rough, not my most elegant.   My inexpert assessment of fleece had me buying a lovely colour but missing the fact it was full of vegetable matter and broken bits. I really didn’t want it to be a lost cause and decided to try and create a bulky three ply, thick and thin and lumpy and I kind of like the end result after all.  There’s not a lot of it, maybe 40o metres and it would pill horribly as a garment but maybe it could be a really thick soft hat? We shall see. I chalk this up to a learning experience and thoroughly enjoyed it anyhow!

Now the shawl was fun. It’s a granny square shawl, accomplished by essentially crocheting half a granny square till you get dizzy from the miles of lace weight. It was a weird yarn, mill ends I think, there was no label. As far as I can tell it is bits of cotton in all sorts of colour plied with cotton or synthetic thread. It is quite pretty all done up. I edged it with some silk lace weight singles I had found a while ago in a weaving store. Lots of hours in this thing, but quite satisfying.

This urge to create has always been with me, and I am convinced it is a quality we all share. It went dormant for a lot of years, and again, I think this happens to a lot of people. What a shame if it never wakes up again. I went with a friend to a symposium done by a local shop and was amazed at the overflow crowd of interesting people, all gathered to hear a woman talk about the process of designing knitting. It was fun, just plain fun.


A quick post today, just felt like adding a bit of colour. 

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