Food for Thought, or Interview with Sunshine #2, continued…

So, tell me a bit of what it is like to start Grade 9.

It’s so nerve-wrecking!!! I mean it’s the beginning of a new and harder year, you have to do you everything well in the first few months or your social life and school life will twist into a BIG twister.

How does it differ from going into Grade 8?

              Gr.8 at my school is basically kindergarten all over again!!  We get treated like the babies of the school.  But it’s okay since we barely get no homework and lot’s of fieldtrips!!!:)  Now Grade 9 is exactly like that…..not!                 It’s the exact opposite.

How have you changed since last year? Is your outlook any different about what you want to study, what you want to focus on?

Well, I got a new haircut! but I think I’ve come to be more mature and realize how the more you get older the more you stress and it gets harder.  My outlook on studying is SO different this year.Last year I was thinking about being a well-paid actress or artist, but this year I realized I wanted to grow up to be a Child Pediatrician!!  Now when adults ask me what I want to be when I grow up, I’ll know what I’ll say!  Since now I know what I want to be I want to focus on getting straight a’s, join sports teams, do music/vpa (Visual Performing Arts) to be a well-rounded person and be in the lead for scholarships.

What is the biggest challenge of Grade 9 and is it different than last year?

            Biggest Challenge is doing my homework on time, getting projects done and studying for tests/quizzes (I have 3 right now that I have to study for!!!)  same thing as last year.

Is there anything you want to add, your thoughts about writing in general, what it is like to be a teenager nowadays? Anything at all.

              Putting all the school stuff aside, I am a awkwardly regular teenager who loves to do anything, eat anything (not meat, I’m a veggie:)) and sleep as much as I can (not much though since I need to get up at 6am!!!)       ***This is a picture of friendship bracelets. Sunshine taught me how to do this with the help of the internet, (thanks Youtube!) I discovered that finger weaving is a very old craft, and that versions of this kind of weaving, now done by kids in school and at camp all over, can  be found in many different cultures. I guess where ever people have some form of fibre they want make something pretty.

One thought on “Food for Thought, or Interview with Sunshine #2, continued…

  1. Grant October 3, 2011 / 2:17 am

    Hopefully things get easier the older you get. Take my memory for example. It’s not as good as it use to be but I don’t have to remember much now anyway…hey what am I doing…do I know you? What is this thing I’m typing on? Think I’ll take a nap. See it does get better.

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