Sunshine’s Trip to Harrison Hot Springs, Interview #2

(Identity concealed to protect the innocent…lol)

What has Sunshine been up to?

Well, Sunshine has a lot to say about her recent weeks.

“Lets start out with Harrison Hot Springs. It was breathtaking! Except the actual hotsprings, which you have to hike to, were kind of stinky. But all was well, because the hotsprings inside the resort where so nice and at night they were so empty we basically had five pools to ourselves. I think I mentioned her before, I went to the Hotsprings with my best friend Steph. There must have been a lot of details I could have talked about but the main event was the cart driving. Me and Steph rented these grocery cart looking things which had two wheels at the front but only the one on the left worked. There was also a basket in front for little children but I used it for my wallet and camera. I took the drivers seat first, ’cause Steph was too scared. I don’t know what the person who rented the carts to us was thinking but he let us drive on the roads because we weren’t supposed to drive on the sidewalks and we are 14!

Me and Steph parked in various locations to switch over the driving – 14 year olds on the highway, can you imagine that! Lets just say, we had a lot of fun. “
What else?

“Well, an embarrassing thing that happened was me + pool wall = beat up face. I was trying to do a dolphin kick at the bottom of the pool when my face just snapped back and Steph yelled “what was that?” It was so painful I couldn’t answer, I came back to the surface and Steph yelled “Sunshine, what happened?” I still couldn’t speak but I think my face said it all. Later on I checked my face before an elegant dinner, and it looked like I was punched – I had scabs under my eye and over my eyebrow. I had a humungous brutish looking bump on my nose. The waiter in our nice restaurant asked if I had already picked a fight. ”

The other thing Sunshine did three weeks ago was start Grade 9! Stay tuned because she has a lot to say about that. 

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