A Diary of Two Friends

The first post of a blog must always be a little awkward to write. This little project is meant to be a collaboration between two sisters, Sunshine and me, (Mikey) for “interweb” purposes. We are avid readers and crafters and really our blog title should include more than knitting but who needs a blog name several lines long? We plan to present our projects and thoughts to the world, well, our family and friends really, and have a bit of fun. Sunshine plans to do some book reviews, and maybe I will too. Already I have discovered the world of lost posts and learning curves so we shall see what actually ends up on the page.

In the crafty department I thought I would show these off. These are a bit of an experiment. On a whim, I bought two pounds of mohair roving from a weaver who had it languishing in her home. It’s pretty course, and spun up heavy and not too elastic, as adult mohair can be, but the sheen is lovely. I tossed the skeins in a pot with some logwood, and this is the result. The initial colour came out the gorgeous silver, catching the light. I pulled three of those out and added a glop of vinegar to change the acid balance, and the beautiful tawny brown is what appeared. Then for the last four skeins I added some leftover cochineal from a beginner dyeing kit and let them simmer a while, resulting in the beautiful pink you see. They are absolutely lovely together and will likely end up being a sturdy knit bag of some sort, lined to hold it’s shape I imagine. I didn’t have a plan and this is the wonderful result. I think this blog is going to be a bit like that too!

One thought on “A Diary of Two Friends

  1. GRANT July 17, 2011 / 12:03 am

    tres cool!!!! I wait for further installments

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