On Sunday we had a meditation at our house, as we do from time to time. On this occasion our teacher was in town and he performed a moving Eye Opening Ceremony for the statue that graces our living room. We looked for a statue suitable to serve as an altar for the meditations here and this was unmistakably the one. We bought it near our 17th wedding anniversary so we have been calling it the Anniversary Statue, but it is really a depiction of Avalokiteswara, or She Who Hears the Cries of the World. The Eye Opening Ceremony points to the teaching embodied in a statue such as this, and is a blessing of the statue as well. She has been “awake and teaching” since she came here, and the ceremony was a confirmation of that. Anyhow, it was a lovely Sunday sit with good friends.

An Interview with Sunshine

Interview with Sunshine

(Conducted over veggie burgers and spicy rice and fries at a really good fast food joint.)

 Mikey: What inspired you to draw Siren and Fallen Angel?

Sunshine: I was in a dark and gloomy mood and drawing my favourite mythical creatures makes that mood go away. The Siren started as a mermaid but I wanted something that made it darker, so I added the shipwreck and the mermaid became a siren instead.

Mikey: Where do you get your ideas for your drawings?

Sunshine: I read stories like “The Teenage Life of a Siren” and “Percy Jackson” and the “Sinbad“ stories. The idea for the Fallen Angel came from reading the “Fallen Angel” series.  I like the idea that the angel makes a mistake but they have the opportunity for a second chance.

Mikey: So it seems as if reading a good story has helped inspire you to make your art work.

Sunshine: Yes it has.

  The lovely tulip in with the basil is another craft that Sunshine is tackling. Way back in the dark ages, when I went to school, I don’t remember having the option of taking woodwork. It was home economics all the way, which I really didn’t like. Weird that I have tried to sew, and enjoy the knitting and spinning so much as an adult. Back then I wanted to break away from all the so – called domestic arts, and the thought of handling saws and chunks of wood appealed. Way to go Sunshine, the tulip is a great piece for my tiny garden, and I love the work you put into it.

A Diary of Two Friends

The first post of a blog must always be a little awkward to write. This little project is meant to be a collaboration between two sisters, Sunshine and me, (Mikey) for “interweb” purposes. We are avid readers and crafters and really our blog title should include more than knitting but who needs a blog name several lines long? We plan to present our projects and thoughts to the world, well, our family and friends really, and have a bit of fun. Sunshine plans to do some book reviews, and maybe I will too. Already I have discovered the world of lost posts and learning curves so we shall see what actually ends up on the page.

In the crafty department I thought I would show these off. These are a bit of an experiment. On a whim, I bought two pounds of mohair roving from a weaver who had it languishing in her home. It’s pretty course, and spun up heavy and not too elastic, as adult mohair can be, but the sheen is lovely. I tossed the skeins in a pot with some logwood, and this is the result. The initial colour came out the gorgeous silver, catching the light. I pulled three of those out and added a glop of vinegar to change the acid balance, and the beautiful tawny brown is what appeared. Then for the last four skeins I added some leftover cochineal from a beginner dyeing kit and let them simmer a while, resulting in the beautiful pink you see. They are absolutely lovely together and will likely end up being a sturdy knit bag of some sort, lined to hold it’s shape I imagine. I didn’t have a plan and this is the wonderful result. I think this blog is going to be a bit like that too!